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Atherton High School Alumni Gives Back
If your class has gone beyond the call of duty by donating (giving back) something to Atherton, we would like to document it in this Giving Back Section.

Please contact Courtland Rose
  1971 Was A Very Good Year  
  The Class of 1971 held their 50th Reunion in 2021. They donated $3400 towards the Atherton High School Alumni Association Scholarship Awards  
You're Mighty Fine, '69!
The class of 1969 held their 40th reunion in the summer of 2009.

The graduates donated $ 1,200 to the Atherton High School Alumni Association to assist in physical projects that will maintain the integrity of Atherton High School....Thanks '69!
  The Class of 1971 held their 50th Reunion in 2021. They donated $3400 towards the Atherton High School Alumni Association Scholarship AwardsThe Awarding of the Atherton Class of 1972 Educational Enrichment Award  
  As a Giving Back gesture, the Atherton Class of 1972 will support one junior each year in furthering their education by awarding them $500 to be spent on an educational experience by the end of their senior year. The recipients will be chosen by the administration for this award because they have demonstrated exceptional achievement, motivation and responsibility. This enrichment experience can provide them the opportunity to pursue their passion, talent or career path. The awarding will occur during the Atherton Junior Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year.  
The Class of 1972 had their 35th Reunion in the summer of 2007. They wanted to do something for AHS as a gesture of GIVING BACK to their alma mater.

They chose to replace the brass posts and burgundy ropes that protect the school seal in Center Hall. Actually the original posts and ropes were donated in 1972 by the Class of '72.

Their donations reflect a strong Rebel Spirit and pride for Atherton.
Michael Ashcraft, Class of 1975, and Nick Gardner, Class of 1971 are members of the Atherton High School Tech Prep Business Advisory Committee. It is a group of business and industry representatives, school administrators, counselors, teachers, parents and students whose purpose is to advise educators on career and technical education programs. The committee assists in the identification of labor market needs and the evaluation of classes being taught at Atherton to ensure that the students are learning the skills that are necessary to be successful in today's workplace. The sharing of their ideas is invaluable. Their involvement truly demonstrates their long time adherence to the spirit of Atherton High School. 
"The idea for the torch was borne out of gratitude. Having been fortunate enough to have been inducted in the Atherton Hall of Fame in 2011,I wanted to do something tangible to show my appreciation for this honor. I approached my friends from the class of 1975 about the possibility of us jointly donating a large wooden carved torch. We thought that a torch would be a fitting and symbolic gift. Our hope is that it becomes a fixture and source of pride at the school for many years to come.” -David Burks, Class of 1975
  Class of 1975  
Left to Right in Photograph: David Burks; Kevin Mitchell; Dr. Tom Aberli, Atherton High School Principal; Barry Overstreet; Michael Ashcraft; John Pittenger; Don Shaw